How To Understand And Conjugate Japanese Ichidan Verbs

Written byIchika Yamamoto

The Ichidan-doushi verbs are included in the second group of main verbs of the Japanese Language. These verbs basically end in the suffix ~Iru and ~Eru ending. The Ichidan verbs are also known as Vowel-steam- verbs and they are easy to conjugate.

Second group or Ichidan-doushi verbs.

Ichidan Verbs

English Kanji Romaji English Kanji Romaji
Open 開ける Akeru Believe, Trust 信じる Shinjiru
Close 閉める Shimeru Feel, Sense 感じる Kanjiru
Be able to できる Dekiru Run away, Escape 逃げる Nigeru
Tell, Teach 教える Oshieru Forget 忘れる Wasureru
Deliver 届ける Todokeru Save 助ける Tasukeru
Eat 食べる Taberu Give up あきらめる Akirameru
Leave, Exit 出る Deru Begin 始める Hajimeru
Show 見せる Miseru Continue 続ける Tsuzukeru
Get up 起きる Okiru Be born 生まれる Umareru
Answer 答える Kotaeru Stop, Resign 辞める Yameru
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