Japanese Vocabulary: Family Members In Japanese

Written byIchika Yamamoto

Japanese culture is one of most ancient culture in the world, this is the reason why one must learn about its culture and japanese language is the first step to learn it. In this guide one will learn about family in Japanese.

Japanese Family

(家族) - (か ぞく) - (Kazoku )

Honorific words

English Kanyi Hiragana/Katakana Romaji
older brother お 兄 さ ん おにいさん oniisan
younger brother 弟 さ ん おとうとさん otoutosan
older sister お 姉 さ ん おねえさん oneesan
younger sister 妹 さ ん いもうとさん imoutosan
father お 父 さ ん とう otosan
mom はは haha
mother   お母さん okāsan
grandfather お じ い さ ん おじいさん ojiisan
grandmother お ば あ さ ん おばあさん obaasan
uncle お じ さ ん おじさん ojisan
aunt お ば さ ん おばさん obasan
husband ご 主 人 ごしゅじん goshujin
wife 奥 さ ん おくさん okusan
son 息 子 さ ん むすこさん musukosan
daughter お 嬢 さ ん おじょうさん ojousan

Humble Words

English Kanyi Hiragana/Katakana Romaji
older brother あに ani
younger brother おとうと otouto
older sister あね ane
younger sister いもうと imouto
father ちち chichi
mother はは haha
grandfather 祖 父 そふ sofu
grandmother 祖 母 そぼ sobo
uncle 叔 父/ 伯 父 おじ oji
aunt 叔 母 / 伯 母 おば oba
husband おっと otto
wife つま tsuma
son 息 子 むすこ musuko
daughter むすめ musume


The humble words are used when you talk about your own family, for example when you say: "my father" in japanese will be: "watashi no chichi".

The honorific words are used when you talk about someone esle family, for example when you say: "your father" in japanese will be: "anata no otousan".

The honorific words also are used to call the person that you're talking, for example: when you talk to your father you have to call him otousan.


  • My father and my brother play soccer.

  • 父と弟の遊びサッカー。

  • Chichi to otōto no asobi sakkā.

  • My mother is cooking my favorite meal.

  • 私の母は私のお気に入りの食事の支度をしています。

  • Watashi no haha wa watashi no okiniiri no shokuji no shitaku o shite imasu

  • My uncle got married this weekend.

  • 叔父は、今週末に結婚した

  • Oji wa, konshū-matsu ni kekkon shita

  • My niece broke her leg when she and her friends was playing.

  • 彼女と彼女の友人が遊んでいたとき、私の姪は彼女の足を折った。

  • Kanojo to kanojo no yūjin ga asonde ita toki, watashi no mei wa kanojo no ashi o otta.

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