Japanese Grammar: List Of Pronouns For New Beginners

Written byIchika Yamamoto

Definition: A pronoun is a word that takes the place os a noun. However some pronouns are used as adjectives, modifying the meaning of a noun rather than replacing it.

Types of pronouns:

  • Subject Pronouns
  • Direct Object Pronouns
  • Indirect Objects Pronouns

Subject Pronouns: Japanese Subject Pronouns are frecuently omitted when it's not easy to guesswho is being referred to. Futhermore, second-person an third-person are seldom or never used, especially to address a superior, because it carries an rude tone. In general, the name of a person or one's occupation is followeb by the polite suffix さん -San wich is commonly used intead of a personal pronoun.

Personal Pronouns in Japanese refer to people, not ideas or things.

I(girls, women)あたしAtashi
I(rough, men)おれOre
You(less formal)きみKimi
You(informal, men)お 前おまえOmae
She彼 女かのじょKanojo
He/Sheあの人Ano hito
He/Sheあの方Ano hō
They彼 らかれらKarera


  • How are you?

  • あ な た は ど の よ う に?

  • Anata wa dono yō ni.

  • I went to Tokyo last month.

  • 私 は 先 月 東 &#20140 #12395;行 っ て き ま し た.

  • Watashi wa sengetsu Tōkyō ni itte kimashita.

  • How old is she?

  • 彼 女 は 古 い で す か ?.

  • Kanojo wa furuidesu ka?

  • He is a man with a sense of humor.

  • 彼 は ユ ー モ ア の セ ン ス を 持 つ 男 で す

  • Kare wa yūmoa no sensu o motsu otokodesu.

  • We want to buy a car.

  • 私 た ち は 車 を 購 入 し た い

  • Watashi-tachi wa kuruma o kōnyū shitai.

  • They will travel to Japan.

  • 彼 ら は 日 本 を 訪 問 す る.

  • Karera wa Nippon o hōmon suru.

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