How To Form A Sentence In Japanese (For Beginners)

Written byIchika Yamamoto

Definition: The Sentences are groups of words that are used together to express a certain idea; in Japanese the sentence have a special structure you can see below.

General Form

Subject + Complement + Verb For example in the sentence: I play soccer

in Japanese this are: 私 は サ ッ カ ー を す る (Watashi wa sakka o suru)

  • 私 (Watashi) = I

  • サ ッ カ ー(sakka) = Soccer

  • す る(suru) = Play


  • は(wa) = This word is put after the subject for indicate who is the subject

  • を(o) = This word is put after the subject for indicate who is the Complement


  • Miguel eats cake in the morning.

  • ミ ゲ ル は 、 午 前 中 に ケ ー キ を 食 べ る

  • Migeru wa, gozen-chū ni kēki o taberu.

  • You play the guitar very well.

  • あ な た は 非 常 に よ く ギ タ ー を 弾 く

  • Anata wa hijō ni yoku gitā o hiku.

  • She danced all at night.

  • 彼 女 は 夜 に す べ て を 踊 っ た

  • Kanojo wa yoru ni subete o odotta.

Interrogative Form

For the interrogative form in Japanese you must add the word ka to finish of sentence.

Subject + Complement + Verb + ka


  • Juan is here?

  • フ ア ン は こ こ で す か ?

  • Fuan wa kokodesu ka?

  • Do you like chocolate?

  • あ な た は チ ョ コ レ ー ト が 好 き で す か ?

  • Anata wa chokorēto ga sukidesu ka?

  • What time is it?

  • 今 何 時 で す か ?

  • Ima nan-jidesu ka?

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