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Written byIchika Yamamoto

Japanese has become one of the most widely spoken languages and popular languages in the world.

It's become crucially important for business in East Asia and a popular choice for tourists (and anime fans :smile:).

In addition to having a better appreciation of Japanese culture, it also grants access to a growing business market. Learning Japanese is a smart move for anyone.

Where's the best place to learn Japanese?

Your first language destination for learning Japanese should be online. The internet is a valuable resource for finding the best way for you to learn Japanese like never before in websites like where you can find interesting resources to learn Japanese.

Kickstart your Japanese language career

Your journey to getting Japanese career training and international jobs translating should start with a thorough search online. A language school website will lead you to the best learning destinations in the industry. International companies around the world make use of language schools to further their own employees' Japanese career training and so should you.

Become a Japanese translator

Translators come from a wide variety of fields before specializing in the ability to translate from their language of choice into their native tongue. Make use of Japanese language learning sites online to build your vocabulary in specific fields. Your ability to discuss a wide variety of topics as well as you do in your native language will depend on your knowledge base of similar terminology in Japanese. Invest the time into visiting Japanese websites and reading newspapers often to stretch your vocabulary everyday. Once you have a grasp of the Japanese language, you can prepare yourself for a career as a translator or interpreter.

Get certified with your Japanese skills

With translating jobs as your jumping off point, you will want to consider one of many MBA courses available to hone your translation knowledge. Research programs offered in different languages to extensively train your interpretation and translation skills. These MBA courses provide the necessary background to demonstrate proficiency for your Japanese translation certification.

Japanese is an amazing asset to have on your CV and will present you with all kinds of opportunities for career development, both at home and abroad.

Best online courses to learn Japanese

There are some amazing online courses and resources for learning Japanese. Visit the link above to see our hand-picked favorites.

Study Japanese in Japan

Visit the link above to learn more about Japanese study options in Japan.

Best schools that teach Japanese

Visit the link above to see a list of the best schools available to study Japanese (in-person).

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