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Despite the fact that Japan is the only country in the world that speaks Japanese by 100 % of its population, this language is used in many countries such as Peru, Brazil, Australia, Argentina and the United States. In many other countries, it’s taught as a second language due to its economical importance in institutes, universities and colleges paying a price.

While the importance of learning this language is not denied, the available options to learn it online are frequently looked upon. The flexible schedules, the improved and constantly updated teaching techniques an online course can provide, often remain ignored by the people that want to learn this language.

There are many online courses that provide interesting alternatives, many of which are commonly cheap if not completely free. Among the advantages of taking an online course of Japanese, there is much multimedia content that can be found. The plenty of games and interactive systems that help the methods become not only fun and entertaining at any level of learning but also quite effective as well.

Online courses often present the chance to learn with native teachers and while many institutes that require live presence of its students set an inflexible timetable. Online courses adjust to the schedule of each student, setting the speed of learning to the student rather than the time accessible of the teacher.

This 21st century alternative allows you direct interaction with the culture and Japan at any time, practicing each new acquired skill live in an effective, quick and easy way, using the latest and most efficient teaching techniques.

Reasons to study Japanese online

  • Even though most people think that Japanese, as an Asian language, should be more difficult to learn than any other western idiom that shares out the alphabet, Japanese is actually quite simple. Once you learn its written script and characters, you don’t need to worry about plurals, objects or genders, and there are only two tenses in Japanese. Phonetically speaking it’s easier than English since its sounds are more consistent and therefore easier to read and recognize. These facts alone make any online audio learning feature more effective in Japanese than in any other idiom including English.

  • Knowing and speaking Japanese can help you move up in the economic scale, since it becomes not only a facility and commodity but a highly appreciated skill to add to your résumé, the fact this language is easily accessible over the internet makes it that much more appealing.

  • Learning Japanese will broaden your sense of understanding of this ancient culture and its interesting people. It’s believed that out of the large amount of users of internet a third of them are Japanese, which only translates into an immense quantity of opportunities of personal and economical growth for everyone with the means to understand this magnificent language and online learning provides you with a direct and instant access to this magnificent culture.

  • Many of us are unaware of just how involved Japanese companies are in the economy of the world, but brands such as Toyota, Sony and Honda are decidedly valued in the global market and have been involved at one point or another in everyone’s lives and history. Now just imagine how many doors you could open for yourself with this foreign language and how useful online access can be for it due to its constantly innovative methods.

  • If economical gain is overrated from your point of view the knowledge of how this language will broaden your grasp of the world should be incentive enough. In an ancient society such as Japan the extent of art, literature and innovative-thinking is shockingly breathtaking.

  • The learning of any language will open you mind to a world of possibilities and understanding, but learning Japanese shall be a life changing experience that will allow you to know the culture, in this land of spectacular landscapes with exceptional art and talent.

  • This language is easily reached by anyone with access to internet.

Difference between Japanese Online and Japanese Abroad?

Both Japanese abroad and Japanese online provide you flexibility for where and when you study. However, studying online is totally interactive with immediate correction of the exercices.

Studying online offers you additional opportunities for interaction with email, discussion boards and chat rooms. enabling you to communicate with your personal tutor and there by exchanging the learning experience.

English Online such as Solution to Boost Your Skills

The global workforce demands that job candidates can communicate the English language proficiently. The use of online language courses allows people to master language skills at their own pace.

Language is a currency. The ability to communicate on an international level is an important asset for any person striving to make their skill set marketable on a global scale. Increasingly, global firms are demanding that their job candidates hold language skills, which can translate across cultures. The talent of being able to communicate using the English language is an invaluable asset. With job opportunities booming in Japanese companies around the world, there has never been a time to expand your language skills.

Taking the time to learn English is an investment in one's own value and desirability in the business world. One encouraging fact is that people interested in expanding their skill set are able to learn language skills online by taking an online English Course.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Online learning websites such as Lingualia have opened up a brand new world of learning possibilities for people who desire to master language courses but who already have a full schedule, whether due to schooling, work, or family obligations. With the online method provided by Lingualia, the sky is the limit when it comes to how and where a student can brush up on language courses. The digital format allows learners to tailor their lesson times to their own individual schedule and learn at their own pace. You can learn from anywhere on the globe, no matter what country you live and work in. Under the Lingualia approach to language courses, all the learning materials are the product of careful development by an expert team of certified language professionals and native speakers.

Tools for Success

Lingualia provides four proficiency levels from which learners can begin their lessons. The interface is user friendly and developed using state-of-the-art web technology to better enrich the language skills of users and make the best use of their time spent learning.

One Language for International Success

No matter where you travel on the globe to do business, one language dominates the workplace culture. That language is English. From the boardrooms of Japan to the factory floors of China, being able to speak the English language fluently is an excellent career asset. If you have always wanted to learn language tools to master the English language by taking an English Practice course, this is your chance to gain the skills necessary to propel your professional success to the next level.

Japanese Courses Online

Japanese Online Learning

JOL, which stands for “Japanese Online Learning” is a free online page that has been available since 1996, the page offers free courses for everyone but it broadens its features to members, which despite being free and available for everyone interested has been restricted due to the popularity of the site, since one has to first enter a waiting list and eventually become a member depending on the space available.

This site allows their participants to interact among each other and take part in language exchange relationships with Japanese speakers.

The Kanji SITE

The Kanji SITE is free as well but to understand the courses that it provides it’s important to take into consideration the existing tests for Kanji. There’s the Joyo Kanji, which is a list of 1945 characters that have to be learned by Japanese students by the time they leave high school and that compile a list of the most commonly encountered words in Japanese; and there’s what’s known as the JPTP

In 1981, the Japanese Ministry of Education published its "Joyo kanji" list, an official listing of 1,945 kanji characters. The list comprises all the kanji you might expect to encounter in "everyday use" - on signs, in newspapers and so on. Japanese children have to learn all 1,945 Joyo kanji by the time they leave high school.


Here, at the Japanese page, we'd like to help you learn Japanese starting from the very basics all the way on to the advanced levels. You might wonder where the best place to begin might be, so we've put together an easy Getting Started guide to walk you through getting set up.

This will enable you to read and type Japanese characters on your computer and let you know which steps should be the first on your journey toward learning Japanese. This should take some of the fear and frustration out of those first steps and get you pointed in the right direction toward learning this wonderful new language and culture.

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