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Written byIchika Yamamoto

Taking a language trip to a Japanese-speaking-country to do so is surely the best of many countless ways to learn Japanese. Take a plunge into a completely Japanese-speaking environment and it will be sooner than you think where you'll find yourself communicating with the locals, watching and understanding their culture. Those words that had originally made no sense to you will start to show their own meanings because you'll apply them in a new context. You'll be reading, speaking and understanding Japanese in no time.

Once you've decided to inquire into this wonderful experience, our best advice for you is to focus on selecting the right Japanese Language School and the right location for you. It's important to take in consideration other factors. For example, choosing an international group course will provide the most security, and it will also guarantee that teachers will be as attentive as possible.

But above all this, remember that Japan invites you to be yourself; otherwise, you won't really enjoy the Land of the Rising Sun with its spectacular sights. Don't forget to take a peek to the traditional Japanese art-forms like Kabuki, theater, origami, sumo and their not-so- traditional ways of shopping and partying.

Japanese Language Courses abroad

The LCA or Language Course Abroad

The LCA or Language Course Abroad offers specialist advice for people who want to choose the right Japanese course and the right place to stay. They have one school in Gifu (in the countryside), and two schools in Tokyo and another one in Fukuoka, if you're more interested to live in a city.

The BCN or Bridging Cultures Nationwide

The BCN (Bridging Cultures Nationwide) takes care of all the logistics involved in merging you into this learning and travelling experience while the students soak up in the excitement of this trip. This option offers a course in Kanazawa in Honshu Island; one of the wealthiest castle towns in Japan during the Edo period. The school can be found in the modern International Exchange Centre. It has five classrooms, a lecture room, a wireless internet connection and a student leisure area.

KCP International Japanese Language School

KCP is an important language school that offers to students from the entire world an excellent opportunity to learn Japanese language. So, if you want to learn Japanese abroad, KCP is the best place to do this.

CSA international Center for study abroad

CSA international offers you Japanese language studies 20 hrs per week; you will also form part of interesting activities, such as excursions to local sights. CSA international is definitely the best place to learn Japanese language.

IAY International Academy

IAY Academia International offers intensive Japanese courses to learn in a short time Japanese language. You will develop your skills with their excellent teaching system, so this is the best option to combine study and travel.

Study Abroad at Lakeland College Japan

JCMU offers many programs for people of all ages. The language courses that we provide are based in the best teaching system, we are also leaders in this area since many years ago.

Genki Japanese and Culture School

These innovative Japanese language schools in Tokyo and Fukuoka offer some of the smallest class sizes, with a maximum of 8 students per class, flexible programs that start every Monday, and fun courses including traditional culture, pop culture, and more. Voted as Star World Language School 2016, the first Japanese school ever to receive this award!

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