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Exclamations In Japanese: How To Exclaim Your Emotions

Definition: Exlamations are a kind of sentences which is called as Exclamative sentences in other languages, these sentences are used to expressing strong emotions and feelings.

Japanese language has special rulesfor using punctuation marks, but the exclamation mark always comes at the end of a exclamative sentence.


  • Yes, it's a good idea!

  • Hai, sore wa yoi kangaedesu!

  • Wow, that's amazing!

  • Uwa , sore wa odorokubeki kotoda!

  • Oh, Shes is very smart!

  • Ā, kanojo wa hijō ni sumātodesu!

  • Oh, what a miracle!

  • Ā, nani no kiseki!

  • Eh, call her!

  • E, kanojo o yonde!

  • No, I can't believe in you!

  • Īe, watashi wa anata o shinjiru koto ga dekinai!

  • Wow, they are very lucky!

  • Uwa, karera wa hijō ni kōundesu!

  • Yes, I won the main prize!

  • Hai, watashi wa, mein no shō o jushō!

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