How To Use Articles When Speaking Japanese

Written byIchika Yamamoto

Definition: An Article is a word prefixed to nouns, to point them out, and to show how far their signification extends; as, a book, an apple, the man. Japanese language doesn't have words for the articles "a", "an" or "the", but there is the Japanese word: その - Sono that means "that, those" and this could be translate as "the" and the Japanese word 一の-Ichi no for the articles "a" and "an".

Japanese Grammar is very special, because this language does'nt have grammatical accidents as: gender or number so articles are known as particles, it's the same to say "a book" or "the book"because it will be always 本 - (Hon) in Japanese language.

A/An一のIchi no


  • Lucy want to have an eagle.

  • ルーシーは一のワシを持っていると思います.

  • Rūshī wa ichi no washi o motte iru to omoimasu.

  • She promised to bring the book of Japanese language.

  • 彼女は日本語その本を持ってすることを約束した.

  • Kanojo wa nihongo sono hon o motte suru koto o yakusoku shita.

  • Your dad have a new car.

  • あなた一のお父さんが新しい車を持っています.

  • Anata ichi no otōsan ga atarashii kuruma o motte imasu.

  • She'd like to have an apple to eat.

  • 彼女は食べて一のリンゴを持っていると思います

  • Kanojo wa tabete ichi no ringo o motte iru to omoimasu.

  • They buy the food for this week

  • 彼らは今週その食品を購入する.

  • Karera wa konshū sono shokuhin o kōnyū suru

  • Robert wants a new toy.

  • ロバートは一の新しいおもちゃを望んでいる.

  • Robāto wa ichi no atarashii omocha o nozonde iru.

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