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How To Conjugate The Japanese Verb: 'To Write'

The verb Kaku (which means to write in English) is a verb that belongs to the Godan/Yodan group of Japanese verbs. The kaku verb, as with any other verb in the Godan group (first group), has plenty of conjugations and combinations.

Here is a chart that displays the most important conjugations of the verb kaku (to write).

Conjugation of the Japanese verb Kaku - to write

Informal Present書くkaku
Formal Present (~ masu Form)書きますkakimasu
Informal Past  (~ ta Form)書いたkaita
Formal Past 書きましたkakimashita
Informal Negative (~ nai Form)書かないkakanai
Formal Negative書きませんkakimasen
Informal Past Negative書かなかったkakanakatta
Formal Past Negative書きませんでしたkakimasen deshita
~ te Form書いてkaite
Imperative (Command)書けkake

Author: Ichika
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