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How To Conjugate The Japanese Verb: 'To Take'

Kakaru , is a Japanese verb that means (to take money or take time). What's interesting about this verb is that there is no kanji for it - only Hiragana .

Here's a chart of the correct conjugation of kakaru.

Conjugation of the Japanese verb kakaru - to take

Informal Presentかかるkakaru
Formal Present (~ masu Form)かかりますkakarimasu
Informal Past  (~ ta Form)かかったkakatta
Formal Past かかりましたkakarimashita
Informal Negative (~ nai Form)かからないkakaranai
Formal Negativeかかりませんkakarimasen
Informal Past Negativeかからなかったkakaranakatta
Formal Past Negativeかかりませんでしたkakarimasen deshita
~ te Formかかってkakatte

Author: Ichika
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