How To Conjugate The Japanese Verb: 'To Play'

Written byIchika Yamamoto

The verb "to play or have fun" in Japanese is "asobu".

This is a Godan verb which is the first group of verbs in Japanese. You can write this in Kanji like so: "遊ぶ".

In Hiragana, it can be written like this: "あそぶ" (although kanji is more common here).

Conjugation of Japanese verb Asobu - to play 遊ぶ

Form Kanji Romaji
Informal Present 遊ぶ asobu
Formal Present (~ masu Form) 遊びます asobimasu
Informal Past  (~ ta Form) 遊んだ asonda
Formal Past  遊びました asobimashita
Informal Negative (~ nai Form) 遊ばない asobanai
Formal Negative 遊びません asobimasen
Informal Past Negative 遊ばなかった asobanakatta
Formal Past Negative 遊びませんでした asobimasen deshita
~ te Form 遊んで asonde
Conditional 遊べば asobeba
Volitional 遊ぼう asobou
Passive 遊ばれる asobareru
Causative 遊ばせる asobaseru
Potential 遊べる asoberu
Imperative (Command) 遊べ asobe
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