How To Conjugate The Japanese Verb: 'To Meet'

Written byIchika Yamamoto

The Japanese verb meaning "to meet" is Au 会う.

Au 会う as an important verb in the Japanese language, and it belongs to the Godan group.

In the chart below, you'll find the conjugations of Au 会う.

Conjugation of Japanese verb Au - to meet 会う

Form Kanji Romaji
Informal Present 会う au
Formal Present (~ masu Form) 会います aimasu
Informal Past  (~ ta Form) 会った atta
Formal Past  会いました aimashita
Informal Negative (~ nai Form) 会わない awanai
Formal Negative 会いません aimasen
Informal Past Negative 会わなかった awanakatta
Formal Past Negative 会いませんでした aimasen deshita
~ te Form 会って atte
Conditional 会えば aeba
Volitional 会おう aou
Passive 会われる awareru
Causative 会わせる awaseru
Potential 会える aeru
Imperative (Command) 会え ae
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