Japanese Vocabulary: Days Of The Week In Japanese

Written byIchika Yamamoto

Japanese people use seven days, it's because worldwide people use seven days for a normal week. Japanese people also use these days because each day of the week has a special meaning, for example Sunday or nichiyōbi in Japanese language means the day of the sun.

Learning about japanese is an important topic, one of the most important part of the japanese vocabulary, it is to learn how to say each day of the weeek. The list below is going to help you in order to learn how to pronounce and write the days is japanese.

Days of the Week in Japanese

Week - (週) - (しゅう) - (Shū)

EnglishKanjiHiragana/ KatakanaRomaji


  • He traveled last Friday.

  • 彼は金曜日に旅.

  • Kare wa kinyōbi ni tabi.

  • George does not like to work on Monday..

  • ジョージは月曜日に仕事をしたいとしていません.

  • Jōji wa getsuyōbi ni shigoto o shitai to shite imasen.

  • Everybody is going to go to disco this Saturday at night.

  • 誰もが夜にディスコに、今週の土曜日に行くつもりです.

  • Dare mo ga yoru ni disuko ni, konshū no doyōbi ni iku tsumoridesu.

  • Your mom promised to cook this Wednesday.

  • あなたのお母さんは、今週の水曜日を作ると約束した.

  • Anata no okāsan wa, konshū no suiyōbi o tsukuru to yakusoku shita.

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