Japanese Meat Vocabulary: How To Say Different Types Of Meat

Written byIchika Yamamoto

Japan is one of the most important countries in the world because Japan is the capital of the tecnology, but it is also an ancient country with one of the most amazing cultures in the world, the japanese food is also considered one of the most delicious, that is the reason why there are many kinds of ingredients such as fruits and vegetables that compose the japanese cuisine.

In this section we will learn about meats which are one of the most important ingredients in the japanese food, we will also learn the correct pronunciation and writing.

Meats in Japanese

(Meat)-(肉)-(にく)-( Niku )



beef steak 牛肉ステーキGyūniku
ham ハムHamu
lamb chop チョップ子羊Choppu kohitsuji
lamb ラムRamu
pork chop ポークチョップPōkuchoppu
rabbit ウサギUsagi
sausage ソーセージSōsēji
veal子牛肉こ ぎゅうにくKo gyūniku


  • Tonight I would like to eat a steak.

  • 今夜はステーキを食べるが好きです。****

  • Kon'ya wa sutēki o taberuga sukidesu.

  • I m going to cook pork this sunday.

  • 私はこ日曜日豚肉を調理するつもりメートル。

  • Watashi wa ko nichiyōbi butaniku o chōri suru tsumori no mētoru.

  • The specialty of my mom is fried chicken.

  • お母さんの専門はフライドチキンです。

  • Okāsan no senmon wa furaidochikindesu.

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