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Japanese Grammar: How To Use Interjections (+ Examples)

Definition: The interjeccion is a word or a group of word that expressing a thought with no need of a subject and a verb,also be inserted within an sentence, separated generally by commas of the rest of the sentence.

Watch out!あ ぶ な い*abunai*
Oh, huhあ れ / あ れ*are*
Noい や*iya*
Ouchい た / い て*ita / ite*
Heyお い*oi*
hey, oh, oopsお う*ou*
Hey, yo, yes sirお っ す*ossu*
Oopsお っ と*otto*
well!, my goodness!お や お や*oyaoya*
Cheers, bottoms upか ん ぱ い*kanpai*
Do your best, good luckが ん ば れ*ganbare*
hang in there, come onが ん ば っ て*ganbatte*
Here it comesき た*kita*
eekき ゃ あ*kya*
Farewellご き げ ん よ う*gokigenyou*
Hey!こ ら*kora*
I'm sorry, excuse meし つ れ い*sitsurei*
Damn itし ま っ た*simatta*
Bye, see youじ ゃ あ ね*ja-ne*
Awesome, cool, greatす ご い*sugoi*
sorry!, excuse me!す み ま せ ん*sumimasen*
Yes, yeahそ う そ う*sousou*
Exactly, that's rightそ の と う り*sonotouri*
Help!た す け て*tasukete*
I hate youだ い き ら い*daikirai*
Shut upだ ま れ*damare*
Shucksち ぇ*che*
Pleaseど う ぞ*douzo*
Thanksど う も*doumo*
What?, huh?な に*nani*
I seeな る ほ ど*naruhodo*
Yayや っ た ー*yatta*
Nothingべ つ に*betsuni*

Author: Ichika
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